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The San Lorenzo Valley Water District is governed by a five person Board of Directors elected to four-year terms by registered voters within the District's boundaries. For more information on how to run for the Board see The Board of Directors are responsible for the establishment of policy relative to the District's mission, goals and operations. All Board members can be contacted through the San Lorenzo Valley Water District, District Secretary, 13060 Highway 9 Boulder Creek CA 95006, (831)430-4636, In addition, some Board members have provided personal contact information:


Lois Henry Lois Henry, President

Term Began December 2018 San Lorenzo Valley Water District 13060 Hwy 9
Boulder Creek CA 95006
831-430-4636 (office)
831-338-7986 (fax)
Ethics Certification Term Expires December 2022

I bring to the district my passion, strong skills and career experience in financial oversight, budgets, taxes, business plans, and strategic planning, all associated with my profession as a credit union CEO. I also understand first-hand the importance of healthy reserves and effective oversight. I served on the Lompico Water District board from December 2008 to June 2016, helping to secure a reliable long-term solution to water and financial challenges via merger with SLVWD, and in 2013 I was honored to be named Board President of the Year by the California Special District Association. While serving on the Lompico Board I attended Santa Margarita Basin meetings, and continue now as a board member representing SLVWD on the newer SGMA Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency. I had comprehensive training on the Brown Act, ethics, and board member duties prior to joining SLVWD, and believe it continues to be essential for our board to have this necessary ongoing training to improve our service to ratepayers, in providing our primary mission of clean, reliable water at an equitable price.


My goal, along with those of other directors who were elected for this term, is to restore public trust, respect, listen and be responsive to ratepayer concerns about infrastructure, cost controls, water security, and the practicalities of what we must do as a district to prepare for drought, disaster and climate change.

I feel fortunate to have lived in our San Lorenzo Valley community for over 47 years, surrounded by the beauty of our redwood forest watershed. I join all of you who feel it’s important that we protect our precious resources, working together so generations ahead can share this same joy, while focusing on the role of the water district.

Bob Fultz Bob Fultz, Vice President

Term Began December 2018

San Lorenzo Valley Water District 13060 Hwy 9
Boulder Creek CA 95006
831-430-4636 (office)
831-338-7986 (fax)

Ethics Certification Term Expires December 2022

Thank you for the honor of being able to serve you as we continue the mission of the SLVWD—now in its 8th decade:  to bring safe, clean, reliable water to your taps at a fair price while respecting the needs of the special environment in which we live.

My goals, along with the other Directors elected in November of 2018, are to bring positive and significant change to the governance of the Board; to bring maximum transparency to its finances, operations and, most importantly, the true state of our infrastructure (including support for fire suppression); to ensure that spending is focused on continuous improvement of our infrastructure; and to reduce our operating costs so that we can build up our reserves (now critically low) and direct funds to infrastructure.

Over the years, I’ve served our community through volunteering for local organizations, served as a Trustee for the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District and served on the board of Mountain Community Resources (now part of Community Bridges).  Prior to my election as Director of SLVWD, I served for two years as the public member of the Administration Committee.  I believe that local community organizations are vital to the health of the civil society.  Everything builds from the local community up.

I grew up in a small rural farming community on the Oregon Coast, very much like the neighborly Boulder Creek area where I’ve lived for over 30 years and raised a family.  For as long as I can remember, I wanted to work in Silicon Valley, which I believe is the most dynamic economic engine the world has ever seen.  Once I obtained my engineering degrees and MBA, I made a beeline out here and have been blessed to be in management positions with several startups involved in new industries like Internet transactions, GPS navigation, VoIP and IoT.  As a consultant, I’m currently CFO of a startup dedicated to bringing mobile communications to emerging economies around the world.

I look forward to the time ahead, serving our community, and bringing to the district my decades of business, financial, and technical experience in fostering innovation.  My goal is for you to be able to see clear, concrete improvements and have confidence that we on the board take our oversight duties seriously, and district funds are being used wisely.

Lew Farris Lew Farris, Director Appointed May 2019 San Lorenzo Valley Water District 13060 Hwy 9
Boulder Creek CA 95006
831-430-4636 (office)
831-338-7986 (fax)
  Ethics Certification Term Expires December 2020

Lew Farris, of Felton, was unanimously chosen by the Board, from a field of eight worthy applicants.  Farris has worn several hats that blend well with serving as a Board Member. He formerly worked at Beckman Instruments in the Clinical Division, where he met mentors who guided him through his job and life.  One mentor asked only that at some point in his life he give back - invest in someone else’s future. Lew says that working for the community is exactly that.  “I want to listen to what people say because the District serves the ratepayers,” he said.  He likes to be inclusive and meets with members of the public regularly.  He is interested in how water, society and human interactions work and feels that joint opinions make for better, well-rounded decisions.
Recently, Lew Farris received a 2018 Individual Be the Difference Award, from the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County, for his work at the County Coroner’s Office.  Additionally, he received a California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition, signed by the honorable Mark Stone (29th Assembly District).  These awards were based on a recommendation by the County Medical Examiner, Dr. Fiore, for “his outstanding work compiling data for epidemiological studies of various types of deaths in Santa Cruz County.”  Lew has been volunteering in the Coroner’s Office for the last 2 and ½ years.

Lew also knows a lot about water, pipes and tanks.  His work in scientific-based, health care field, gave him an inside look at purifying water, effects of water on different materials,  great knowledge of planned maintenance, and cost-effective engineering and planning.  He is dedicated to fiscal responsibility and cares about the environment.

A month into the job, Farris is getting to know and work with the other board members.  “We are working together, along with District Staff, to get the SLVWD financially stabilized, and to make sure our infrastructure is upgraded and maintained,” he said.  Farris is a realist with a positive outlook for the district.


steve swan photo Steve Swan, Director

Term Began December 2018 San Lorenzo Valley Water District 13060 Hwy 9
Boulder Creek CA 95006
831-430-4636 (office)
831-338-7986 (fax)
Ethics Certification Term Expires December 2022

Our water district has many needs - and I look forward to helping our district with updating infrastructure, restoring trust, building transparency and providing leadership.  We’ve all seen friends and neighbors struggle with rising costs while watching the district face the challenges of an aging infrastructure, ethics violations, and lawsuits.


Sustainability means more than conservation, it also means maintaining control of our financial and water resources, as well as keeping an eye on neighboring growth.  I've talked to you and listened to what you have to say, and I agree with you; cost, infrastructure and supply are our Districts biggest challenges.  


As an entrepreneur, inventor and native Californian I've traveled extensively throughout this state over the past 60+ years.  From Air bases in the Mojave Desert and Sacramento to camping and fishing in the Sierras and Trinity Alps, I've been to every corner of this state.  I've lived and worked in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, two of the most exciting places I've found in all my travels.  However, when I first found San Lorenzo Valley in 1980, I couldn't believe we had this beautiful garden between Silicon Valley and the coast.  It reminded me of my favorite sierra vacations. I was awe struck and became a resident immediately and have been here ever since. 


My professional experience includes work in hi-tech start-ups and Fortune 100 companies (where Return on Investment and Shareholder value are demanded and expected).  In 1976 I entered the computer industry with a mini computer company in Cupertino, I was a technician and instructor training technicians how to troubleshoot and program systems.  In 1979 I joined a Startup micro computer company where I was responsible for all operations and manufacturing, managing revenue growth from $5 Million to over $100 Million in Just 2 years.  I'm currently with a fortune 100 computer networking company with over $60 Billion in sales. I'm skilled at project management, customer support, capability development, communications, and continuous improvement. I encourage innovation, creativity, and thinking outside the box. Solving problems and helping people is what I do every day


I've lived in the San Lorenzo Valley for 40 years and with my wife, Gracelynn, raised 3 children. I'm a veteran of the USAF and a current member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I want to help my neighbors and community navigate the challenges we face with our water system and will make every effort to leave San Lorenzo Valley a better more sustainable water district.

Rick Moran photo Rick Moran, Director Appointed August 2019 San Lorenzo Valley Water District 13060 Hwy 9
Boulder Creek CA 95006
831-430-4636 (office)
831-338-7986 (fax)
    Term Expires December 2020

Rick Moran was appointed unanimously to fill the Director’s seat of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District Board.

As a Navy veteran Moran served four years aboard the USS Hawkbill Submarine, stationed in the homeport of San Diego.  Moran served as the Commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5888, in Santa Cruz, and now is a Trustee for the post. Moran likens the Water District slogan “ Pipes, Pumps and Tanks,” to the Submarines and their similar needs for upkeep and maintenance required for basic safety. During his time at Vallejo’s Mare Island Shipyard he began exploring California by bicycle. In 1972 he bicycled the entire coast of California and decided then to become a Californian for life. He also biked across America, from Connecticut to California in 1973. He continues biking today, preferring to stay closer to home.

In 1978 he graduated from UCSC where he studied political theory and American History.  He participated in the founding years of UCSC and its environmentally conscious ethics. He practices local environmentalism by building organic gardens and received the Monterey Bay Master Gardeners Water Smart Garden award. While serving two terms on the Environmental Committee Moran raised the awareness of the dangers of the weed killer Roundup/Glyphosate. The current directors have since banned the product.

Moran taught for the San Lorenzo Valley School District at Quail Hollow, and at SLV Elementary as a Life Lab instructor. At White Oak High School he taught Environmental Science where students became focused observers of the many local habitats. His classes included building, growing, and eating out of their organic garden.

His main objectives are: to support the current goal of replacing the aged infrastructure; being mindful of keeping water rates affordable; and protecting our environment in every project and our watershed as a whole. He wants to create an Integrated Pest Management Plan to protect our watershed and quality of water.

Rick Moran invites the public to participate in local government by attending a water district meeting. Your hopes, insights and ideas are welcome.


Regularly Scheduled Meetings of the Board of Directors of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. (time - certain), Closed Session begins at 5:30 pm. Meetings are held at various locations throught the San Lorenzo Valley.
Special Meetings of the Board of Directors of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District may be duly authorized by the President as deemed necessary. Notice and location of Special Meetings shall be as prescribed by law.
Committee Meetings of the Board of Directors of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District may be authorized by the committee Chair as deemed necessary. Notice and location of Committee Meetings shall be as prescribed by law.
Standing Committees Administration Committee, Budget & Finance Committee, Engineering Committee, Environmental Committee, Lompico Assessment District Oversight Committee

Each committee consists of the 2 Board members and an appointed member of the public, except the Lompico Assessment District Oversight Committee which consists of 5 members of the public that reside in the Lompico area.

Standing Committees:

  • Administration Committee - Fultz, Henry, Benkert, Bounds, White

  • Budget and Finance Committee - Fultz, Henry, Architzel, Sanders

  • Engineering Committee - Farris, Swan, Busa, Smolley
  • Environmental Committee - Faris, Fultz, Fresco, O'Connor, Supp
  • Lompico Assessment District Oversight Committee - LoBalbo, Loewen, Norton

Multi-Agency Committees:

  • Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency - Henry, Swan, Farris (Alt)

In compliance with the requirements of Title II of the American Disabilities Act of 1990, the San Lorenzo Valley Water District requires that any person in need of any type of special equipment, assistance or accommodation(s) in order to communicate at the District's Public Meeting can contact the District Secretary's Office at (831) 430-4636 a minimum of 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Agendas for upcoming Board of Directors or Committee meetings are prepared by the District Manager, in consultation with the President or presiding officer. Written agendas for each Board of Directors meetings are available by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the Thursday meeting. Copies of the agenda and all written supporting materials are provided to each Board member and selected staff. Agenda documents may be reviewed at the office of the District Secretary, 13060 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006.

Persons wishing to communicate with the Board, or have an agenda item scheduled, should make their request known in writing to the President of the Board. All such written requests, including informational materials and supporting documentation, must be delivered to the office of the District Secretary by Thursday, 5:00 p.m., one (1) week preceding the date of the scheduled Board of Directors meeting. The President of the Board shall decide whether the subject matter is one which can and should be considered as part of a Board meeting agenda. Generally, such matters will be placed on the Written Correspondence portion of the agenda for discussion and consideration. However, no action may be taken by the Board of Directors on any Written Communications presented. The Board of Directors may request that the matter be placed on a future agenda for additional consideration and possible action.

Generally, only those matters listed on the agenda shall be finally acted upon by the Board of Directors. However, if a matter is deemed by any Board Director, the District Manager or District Council to be urgent, it may, in accordance with the Brown Act (California Government Code Section 54950 et. Seq.) be added to the agenda and be acted upon by the Board of Directors if an explanation of the urgency is stated in open Board meeting and a majority of the Board consents to hear it.

Your participation at Board meetings is encouraged; however, participation will be most effective if you address the Board in the appropriate manner and at the appropriate time. Directors of the Board can be addressed for any non-agendized items within the jurisdiction of the District during "Oral Communications" listed on the agenda. If you wish to address the Board about a topic on the agenda, wait until that agenda item is taken up by the Board. Normally, presentations must not exceed five (5) minutes in length, and individuals may only speak once during Oral Communications. No actions may be taken by the Board of Directors on any Oral Communications presented; however, the Board of Directors may request that the matter be placed on a future agenda. To address the Board, stand or raise your hand until you are recognized by the Board President then state your name for the record. Remember that you are addressing the full Board of Directors, not one member, staff or the public in attendance.
The Board of Directors of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District is committed to providing excellence in legislative leadership that results in the provision of the highest quality services to its constituents. The Board of Directors are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards, to follow District policies and regulations, and to abide by all applicable local, state and federal laws.
Current BOARD POLICY MANUAL (PDF) Save Our Water Logo smart garden logo

13060 Hwy 9
Boulder Creek, CA 95006